Blogging Again

For awhile now, I’ve wanted to restart my blog but I didn’t know how I wanted to do it. I thought that maybe I would write on important topics and only try to publish high quality blog posts, but that was several months ago and I haven’t published a single one.

When I first started blogging, I did it on a site where you could earn money from views and interactions. In an effort to earn myself some much needed cash, I would write five or so blog posts a day, covering literally anything I wanted. I wrote about my day, I wrote about the Columbus Crew soccer team, and I wrote about esports. Now, I’d like to finally get back to that, even though I won’t be earning any money. I’d just like to speak my mind, and this is the start.

It doesn’t matter how long the blog posts are, and it doesn’t matter what the topic is. This type of writing is something I’ve missed since I began devoting myself to esports journalism two years ago. When you only post objective facts, with some slight opinion thrown in, you don’t really get to speak your mind. I was good at it, in my own opinion, but I think I began to lose my flow because I was only writing in a single style and not changing it up. My old writing style was a bit more quirky and fun. Hopefully I can get back to that.

So, this blog is back and I don’t plan on changing the name again. I plan to write about anything and everything, hence the name ‘Chemistryandstuff’. Thanks for continuing to visit!


Author: esportsblogger

I am a graduate student studying chemistry and will soon have my PhD. I also write about eSports, mainly Call of Duty.

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