The Struggles of Being an Amateur Gamer

The struggles of being an amateur Call of Duty player… We’ve all been there. The pros have been there. I am there, and I am sure that I will always be there.

A lot of gamers look at the pros and wish they could live that life. Young, carefree, and playing video games for a living. It all seems so perfect. The pro gamers are idolized, just as professional athletes have been for decades, centuries even. We can all say that we’ve thought about what it would be like to go pro, and we’ve all realized the reasons why we are not quite there.

1. Time

The boon to all gamers! There is simply not enough time to devote to gaming and it doesn’t seem fair. There are too many other responsibilities standing in the way: school, work, family, friends. How can we expect to beat the best players in the game when they play for 12 hours a day and we only play for 3?

2. Money

Gaming isn’t exactly a cheap hobby. First you need to buy the gaming console or computer ($400<), then you need to buy some games ($60 a piece), you will be wanting a decent headset and monitor ($100< ¬†each), and your internet better be good enough or you will be getting melted. Of course, those are just the basic costs. In order to make money playing video games, you need to put money in first. And don’t expect to be beating the pros in your first cash tournament!

3. Internet Lag

Oh gosh, where do I begin? We all know what it feels like to experience lag. Sometimes it is choppy and players seem to just teleport around the map. Other times, there seems to be a half second delay even though the whole game is running smoothly. One game you melt kids and the next game they eat 5 bullets, do a 180 degree turn, and insta-kill you. The only real way to get rid of lag is to play on a local area network (LAN).

4. Other Interests

Honestly, playing one video game for 12 hours a day can get pretty boring. Just like watching reruns of your favorite tv show can get boring. It’s nice to think about playing competitively full time, but can you really do that to yourself? There are other games out there. There are other hobbies out there!

5. Social Perception

We have all done our best to defend eSports from the criticism of others. Rude YouTube comments call professional gamers and other gaming celebrities names like “loser”, “childish”, and “fat-40-year-old-virgin-who-lives-in-his-mothers-basement”. People who say things like that can not be reasoned with, but we try anyway. When it comes to doing the things you love, go for it. Just remember that people will judge you either way.


Gaming can lead to long lasting friendships with people you may never even meet in real life. It is truly a unique and social experience. Never forget to have fun on the game!





Welcome To My Blog

My girlfriend and I on New Years Eve.
My girlfriend and I on New Years Eve.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I have been searching for the perfect blogging platform for quite some time now, and I am hoping that I have finally settled down and found the right place. Thus far, I am thoroughly impressed with WordPress.

I admit, my first encounters with WordPress were not so good. My chemistry lab group uses WordPress to run the group site and I was charged with the task of maintaining the site. It wasn’t so easy the first few times…

I suppose I should let you know a little more about myself. As I said, I am part of a chemistry lab group. I am in my third year of the program at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. I love it here. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to live here once I graduate and find a job. The good news is that my girlfriend of 4 years, who is a nurse, can find a job no matter where we move to!

My girlfriends name is Anna. In here spare time, she likes to crochet. She has been at it for about 2 years now and almost all of our family members have a blanket or other item she has made for them. She has become very good at it, so we decided to make her an Etsy account where she can begin selling her items. I will be posting links and examples on this site to help her out.

In my spare time, I am either playing video games (Call of Duty especially), working out, watching sports, playing sports, or at the bar. I like to think of myself as multi-talented, but I am not extremely talented in any one area… If only I had the time to commit! I play Call of Duty competitively and often stream on Twitch. This blog is part of my attempt to grow a social media audience, and I sure hope that it works! In the summer, I began writing on Bubblews. By writing, I began to feel a bit more confident and I was given the opportunity to begin writing for an eSports organization, Team Orbit. I am very happy with this, as I feel that the world of eSports is going to begin expanding massively in the coming years.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and letting me explain a little bit about myself. Of course, there will be much more to see in the future!

Twitter: @Orbit_CH3MISTRY